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paper 1 - Paper Assignment#1 SOC 1 Prof Guenther For this...

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Paper Assignment #1 SOC 1 Prof. Guenther For this assignment, you will ask and answer a sociological question. You will develop your sociological imagination by creating and conducting a short sociological research project using the ethnographic methods of either participant or non-participant observation. You should begin by developing a sociological research question that is of interest to you, which you can relate to the material covered in this course so far, and which you can at least begin to answer through observation of people in public places where there is no expectation of privacy, such as shopping malls, public places on campus, museums, public events, etc. For example, you might ask, “How do social norms inform behavior on a public bus?” and then spend time observing bus riders. You should then spend at least 90 minutes collecting data through observation at your chosen research site. (Note that you should observe but not interfere in your research setting). Finally,
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