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Paper 2 Soc Final - Kim 1 Chung Kim SID#860884363 SOC 001...

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Kim 1 Chung Kim SID#860884363 SOC 001 Professor Guenther Social Inequity: Exploring an Asian American Perspective In the twenty first century, years after myriad struggle for social equity by activists like MLK and Sojourner Truth, only half the battle has been won . In fact, we are still ages from the ideal where all people should be judged by the content of their character, rather than their perceived ‘birth right’ that is, belonging to a certain social class, a certain race or gender . Social inequities limit an individual’s access to opportunity and render the individual with an identity crisis . I recently conducted an objective interview to investigate how race, class and gender impact on individual opportunity and limit identity . The subject, Doctor Kim: male, in his late fifties, notes he immigrated to the US in the mid seventies to advance a career in biological psychology and has been a resident for over forty years, albeit on and off . His opinion of his initial reception to the country was “warm” since he was a renowned Doctor in Seoul . However soon enough, Dr . Kim was subject to discrimination under the hands of immigration officials upon a green card application interview . His initial intent of research and career advancement had to be shelved as he was later found guilty by a “white” judge of falsely accusing the immigration officer and fined three thousand dollars . This verdict, he feels, was false and denied him the chance to continue his research as he had to work to recompense the fine . According to
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Kim 2 Watson, “one’s skin color is not as a result of a bio-chemical accident of the epidermis, but it occurs because of a peculiar disposition of those with whom they come in contact with” (Watson 244) . In other words, we choose to see what we want to see, similarly, Dr. Kim feels the official chose to see him in terms of color instead of his superb credentials . The direct consequence of such discrimination can be the loss individual identity . Dr. Kim notes the humiliation made him weep in front of the official
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Paper 2 Soc Final - Kim 1 Chung Kim SID#860884363 SOC 001...

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