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Paper Assignment #2 SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology Professor Guenther For this assignment, you will conduct an interview with a person one generation older than yourself (roughly 20 years or more older than you), and then use the data you collect to analyze how her/his life has been shaped by social inequalities like race, class, and/or gender. Possible respondents might be a co-worker, parent, grandparent, or older friend. Before your interview, you should create an interview guide , which specifies which questions you want to ask in your interview. The questions you ask will affect the answers you get, so spend some time thinking about your questions, and how you would respond to them if someone asked you. Also keep in mind that most people are not aware of how social inequalities shape their lives, so asking direct questions about this may not be very fruitful. Your interview should last approximately 45-60 minutes. You may either audio record your interview or take notes during the interview (be sure to ask your
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