Week Six - Genocide Expulsion/exclusion Oppression...

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Week Six Race (sociological definition) Racialization Over- and underrepresentation Racism Institutional racism Prejudice Discrimination Examples of racial inequalities in contemporary America Ethnicity Symbolic ethnicity Optional ethnicity Assimilation Explanations for assimilation Internal explanations External explanations Domains of assimilation Cultural assimilation Structural assimilation
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Marital assimilation (amalgamation) Socioeconomic assimilation Spatial assimilation Responses to diversity
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Unformatted text preview: Genocide Expulsion/exclusion Oppression Dominant-group conformity (Anglo-conformity in the US) Melting pot Pluralism Separatism Sex v. gender Sex/gender roles (functionalist perspective) Social construction of gender and sex Feminist sociology of gender Gender ideals Masculinity Femininity Gender socialization Gender typing Gender-schematic decisions Occupational sex segregation Glass ceiling Glass escalator Second shift Gendered division of labor Violence against women...
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Week Six - Genocide Expulsion/exclusion Oppression...

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