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Cultural change - While culture tends to be reasonably consistent over time, culture can change. Culture in Global perspective - Cultures do not exist in isolation Key cultural definition - Cultural genocide : when people from one society find the culture of another society so undesirable that they try to destroy it. - Ethnocentrism : judging other cultures by the standards of one’s own culture. - Cultural relativism: judging a society by its own standards, examining a social behavior within its cultural context. Subcultures& countercultures - Subculture : smaller segments of society distinguished by unique patterns of behavior. - Countercultures : groups that largely reject the prevailing values and norms of society. Socialization: how we learn culture - Socialization is the process through which individuals become skilled in the practices of a culture.
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Unformatted text preview: Key to social reproduction, or the ability of society to retain… Agents of socialization-The family-Schools-Peer relationships-The media-Workplaces Socialization in the life course-(re)socialization can occur at various stages in the life course-Socialization occurs not just within societies, but within subgroups. Workplace Families Friendship groups-Adults may be (re)socialization… Social control-Methods used to teach, persuade, or force members (and sometimes non-members) of a society or group to comply with its norms and expectations.-People are penalized for non-conformity. Mechanisms of social control-Socialization-Sanctions are reactions of approval or disapproval to others’ behavior or appearance Positive v. negative sanctions Formal v. informal sanctions...
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