Tool Mark Identification

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Unformatted text preview: esting Toolmarks ­ Comparisons There are times when the toolmark can not be removed from the location for submission to a crime laboratory. When this occurs the toolmark must be cast. Casting makes a negative impression of the toolmark and is typically done with Mikrosil. © Precision Forensic Testing Toolmarks ­ Comparisons Mikrosil is a two part system that must be mixed prior to using. After it has been completely mixed, the Mikrosil can be applied to the area of the toolmark. © Precision Forensic Testing Toolmarks ­ Comparisons The casting is documented while in place as part of the crime scene photos and documentation process. After it has hardened, it can be peeled from the surface. The casting will be submitted to the crime laboratory for comparison to the tool. © Precision Forensic Testing Toolmarks ­ Comparisons The casting of the toolmark is a mirror image, therefore a casting of the test marks must be made for...
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