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Unformatted text preview: would leave different marks on any surface they came in contact with. © Precision Forensic Testing Lineman's Pliers Lineman's pliers have two different working surfaces which can come in contact with wires. The front section of the jaws have serrated teeth for gripping. The rear section of the jaws have blades for cutting Discuss the class characteristics of Lineman’s pliers. © Precision Forensic Testing Diagonal Cutters Diagonal cutting pliers are designed for cutting metal, generally wires. They achieve this by pinching the metal between the cutting edges The class characteristics of wires cut by diagonal cutters are a “roof top” shaping of the cut surface. © Precision Forensic Testing Wire Cutters/Strippers Wire cutters/strippers are a multifunction tool. They can be used to strip insulation from wire when only closed partially around the wire. When closed completely, they can be used to cut wire. This is achieved by the sharpened opposing blades. Class characteristics of wires cut by these types of wire strippers have flat surfaces. © Precision Forensic Testing Pipe Wrenches Pipe wrenches are also called “monkey wrenches”. They work by grasping round objects between the jaws. The jaws are slightly tapered inward and tighten on the work piece as the wrench is rotated. © Precision Forensic Testing Circular Cutting Tools Circular cutting tools use a rotating edge to remove material. The most common type of circular cutting tool is a drill. The drill bit (also called the Morse drill after the inventor) uses the edge of the bit to cut the material. The waste material, called swarf, is drawn away from the hole by the flutes in the drill bit. The class characteristic of the drill bit is the diameter. © Precision Forensic Testing Circular...
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