Tool Mark Identification

Screwdriversmaybe usedasprytoolsby criminals

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Unformatted text preview: Cutting Tools Drill bit manufacturers may use different designs to improve the cutting ability of the drill bit. This manufacturing design will give different class characteristics than traditional drill bits. © Precision Forensic Testing Chisels Chisels are bladed tools designed to compress material when struck. The bevel of the chisel is the angled area from the tip to the blade face. Chisels have the following measurable class characteristics: Blade width Blade thickness Bevel thickness © Precision Forensic Testing Screwdrivers Screwdrivers are designed to impart torque on a screw. Screwdrivers may be used as pry tools by criminals. Class characteristics of screwdrivers include: Blade width Blade thickness Surface texture © Precision Forensic Testing Screwdriver – Class Characteristics Screwdrivers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are measurable features which can be used in an investigation to include a tool for further analysis or exclude it from having made a mark. Among these characteristics is the surface of the blade. Notice the various surface textures. © Precision Forensic Testing Prybars Prybars are used to gain leverage between two objects. There are slots in each end of a prybar to ensure a solid grasp on a smaller item such as a nail. © Precision Forensic Testing Prybars As with any other tool, prybars come in a variety of sizes. These differences in class characteristics include: Blade width Blade thickness Space between the blade tips © Precision Forensic Testing Bolt Cutters Bolt cutters are designed to cut steel bolts or rods. They use a compound pivoting action to provide the maximum amount of force on the j...
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