Tool Mark Identification

Visegrips isatradenameforthetypeof tool

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Unformatted text preview: Wire Cutters/Strippers Pipe Wrenches Circular Cutting Tools Chisels Screwdrivers Pry Bars Bolt Cutters Hammers Tools ­ Types © Precision Forensic Testing Locking pliers are commonly called “Vise Grips.” Vise Grips is a Trade Name for the type of tool. Locking pliers incorporate opposed jaws which grasp and can be locked onto an object. Class Characteristics of this tool include: Locking Pliers 3 2 1 Jaw width Jaw length Teeth spacing Jaw lip length Number of teeth © Precision Forensic Testing Needle Nose Locking Pliers Needle nose locking pliers work in the same fashion as standard locking pliers, however the jaws are longer. The measurable class characteristics are the same; jaw length, jaw width, teeth spacing, jaw lip length, and number of teeth. © Precision Forensic Testing Slip Joint Pliers are commonly called adjustable pliers because they can be opened to two different widths The class characteristics of slip joint pliers include: Slip Joint Pliers Jaw width Jaw length Jaw lip length Teeth spacing Number of teeth © Precision Forensic Testing Tongue and Groove Pliers Tongue and groove pliers are commonly called “Channel Locks”. Channel Lock is a brand name of a company that makes them. The class characteristics of tongue and groove joint pliers include: Jaw width Jaw length Jaw lip length (and teeth size/spacing) Teeth spacing Number of teeth © Precision Forensic Testing Tongue and Groove Pliers These two tongue and groove pliers appear to be the same when given a quick look. However, closer examination of the jaws show the differences in class characteristics. These two tools...
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