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Comparative Test 1review - Comparative Test 1 Introduction...

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Unformatted text preview: Comparative Test 1 Introduction and Evolution I. Introduction A. Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy a. The study of the functional morphology of vertebrates b. Compares body form and function of various structures c. Compares the similarity and differences in morphology d. Interprets similarities and differences in form within the contexts of ancestry, function, and evolution. B. Why study vertebrate morphology? a. Learn and understand anatomy b. Advance human knowledge c. To understand the relationship between form and function d. To study evolution e. Because it’s fascinating C. What is science? a. Science i. A way of knowing ii. A method for collecting info b. Other ways of knowing i. Faith 1. A confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. 2. A belief that doesn’t rest upon logical or scientific proof or material evidence. ii. Experience- active participation in events or activities leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill. iii. Experience of others c. Scientific methods i. Experimental method (Most Powerful) 1. Identification of a problem or asking of a question 2. Defining the entity to be studied 3. Designing an experiment or study 4. Obtaining a representative sample 5. Collect data by observing and measuring the samples 6. Analyze the data 7. Interpret the data and draw conclusions 8. Report the findings ii. Weaker Methods 1. Correlation a. 2 variables fluctuate together b. Not cause and effect c. Once you identify a correlation, you can use the experimental method to determine if it’s a cause/effect relationship....
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Comparative Test 1review - Comparative Test 1 Introduction...

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