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HW10 - Copy - Developed online and batch test plans using...

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[Your Name] [Street Address], [City, ST  ZIP Code] [phone] [e-mail] SUMMARY More than 7 years programming and application development experience. COMPUTER SKILLS Languages Proficient in: Microsoft Visual C++ ®  and C Familiar with: C#, Microsoft Visual Basic ® , Java Software Database: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access Platforms: Microsoft Windows® 2000, Microsoft Windows XP EXPERIENCE Programmer Analyst 1997-Present Contoso Pharmaceuticals Primary responsibilities include design and development of server code. Developed and tested new financial reporting system using Visual Basic. Performed Y2K modifications on existing financial software. Programmer Analyst 1992-1997
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Unformatted text preview: Developed online and batch test plans using Y2K critical test dates. Developed and tested the new inventory management system using C++. Modified and tested order processing system using C++. Information System Spet 1990-1992 The Phone Company Provided object-oriented design, programming and implementation support to the customer billing system, written in C++. Prepared test plans and data, and user documentation for customer billing system. Problem-solved hardware issues with fault-tolerant hard drives. EDUCATION Oak Tree University 1989 Salt Lake City, Utah B.S., Computer Science...
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