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407-privatation - 407 Goal to privatize highway 407...

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407 Goal: to privatize highway 407 Intervention: to form a partnership with the private sector to “develop, design, build, operate and maintain” the highway Direct: the goal to privatize highway 407 is satisfied because the federal government was able to build a partnership with the corporations although the government still has a great degree of control and risk in the project. The intended result is that 407 will be built safer, costs will be less than originally forecasted, the risk is reduced from the public sector, the environment is safeguarded and new technology and efficiencies are introduced. The new state of equilibrium is that the highway helps the government receive greater revenues from the corporations and individuals since less time will be spent in traffic and business will increase productivity. The highway is financed by the private and tolls instead of having the government use resources from their tax base and instead they can spend that money on other part such as health care.
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