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Janie Park Bisa2 B08 My Cystic Fibrosis Story: Strip Sequencing HW 1.) Cystic fibrosis is a lung disease. The lungs of people with CF get clogged up with thick and sticky mucous which makes it hard for CF patients to breathe. 2.) Both normal people and CF patients have 46 chromosomes that make up 23 pairs. 3.) CF patients have a mutation in one of their genes. 4.)There are many different types of channel proteins in the body; different channel proteins allow different substances to travel through them. 5.) Without the channel protein, less water moves from the cell into the lung cavity. 6.) In healthy people the normal channel protein is found in the cell membranes, and it functions as a channel through which ions move, causing water to pass from the inside of the cell to the lung cavity. Water in the lung cavity dilutes the mucous inside the lungs and makes it less thick. 7.) The channel protein in CF patients has a different amino acid sequence in comparison to the channel protein of normal people. 8.)In CF patients the abnormal
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