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Janie Park Gerhart Bio 2A Mar 31 2010 The Origins of Life on the Earth This article analyzes scientists’ approach towards a last common ancestor among organisms. Spontaneous generation derives from the belief that one form of life derives from a different form. As he offered proof that even bacteria and other microorganism arose from parents resembling themselves, Louis Pasteur discredited the concept of spontaneous generation thereby raising the question of how the first generation of each species came into existence. Moreover, the theory of natural selection set forth by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace suggested an answer as individuals possessing the best adaptive traits are able to successfully reproduce. As generations are repeated, natural selection could thus lead to the evolution of complex organisms implying that all current life forms could have evolved from a single, simple
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Unformatted text preview: organism or the last common ancestor. Another commonality is that all living things consists of similar organic compounds and consist of proteins formed from one set of 20 standard amino acids. As these proteins include enzymes that are crucial to the reproduction, development, and survival contemporary organisms carry their genetic information in nucleic acids, specifically RNA and DNA, and use mainly the said genetic code. As each organism relies on this code which specifies the amino acid sequence of all the proteins, the instructions take the form of precise sequences of nucleotides which represent the building blocks of nucleic acids. Through these findings we can conclude that our last common ancestor stored genetic information in nucleic acids that specified the composition of all needed proteins....
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