The Vital Force

The Vital Force - need of light and any other energy source...

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The Vital Force: Proton Power and the Origins of Life Janie Park and Claudia Bonilla Cells Are full of moving parts and consist of moving parts and to move they need energy Peter Mitchell His hypothesis in Nature proposed that worked by chemiosmotic coupling o Chemiosmosis- the pushing of molecules against the gradient, NOT the chemical flow of water. (Osmosis- Greek for “push”) Purpose of respiratory chain o To push protons over the membrane, creating a reservoir of protons on the other side. Mitochondria It has respiratory complexes that split hydrogen atoms into protons and electrons. Andre Jagendorf and Ernest Uribe Working with chloroplasts, they suspended an acid and injected an alkali in different pHs of 4 and 8 Results: They found that large amounts of ATP were created without the
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Unformatted text preview: need of light and any other energy source ATP CAN BE CREATED WITHOUT THE HELP OF ENERGY SOURCES Plants and bacteria generate ATP by pumping protons which is the secret of photosynthesis and all forms of respiration o Pumping of protons is fundamental as it as much a signature of life on earth as DNA Proton-motive force o Acts as a kind of force field, enveloping bacteria with an impalpable source of power o Involved in the active transport of molecules in and out of the cell across the external membrane o Bacteria are proton-powered Depends on proton power rather than ATP Proton Gradient Importance Proton pumping does take up ATP, but only small amounts. This leaves enough ATP for other cell functions that require more ATP....
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The Vital Force - need of light and any other energy source...

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