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winter reading 1 for discussino emergence

winter reading 1 for discussino emergence - Janie Park...

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Janie Park Bis2A B12 Gunn Reading for week 1 Hazen, what is Life From this book we learn that all natural systems tend to spontaneously increase in disorder. We are told that for all collections of atoms, a gradual deterioration is expected. But as we dig deeper into the subject matter we can also see how many things in the world remain the same and in an orderly system. This reveals how the two laws of thermodynamics may not describe the complete story which leads us to the topic of the emergent system. The emergent system can be described as the display of increased order when many objects interact while following the first and second laws of thermodynamics. This universal tendency of systems can be observed through the interactions of atoms and of ants. Moreover as many natural systems lie close to equilibrium as they are stable, unchanging and do not display emergent behavior, emergent systems arise away from equilibrium when energy flows through a variety of numerous interacting particles. These systems
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