Bulyum Puyuik Movie

Bulyum Puyuik Movie - because will damage plants, rocks....

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Bulyum Puyuik Movie Florence was thought to be a healer since she was born o When fluent speakers pass—language is gone o First contact with non Indians 1400 Wintu by 1910 around 300 ppl During Gold Rush they lost their land Decrease pop US doesn’t see Wintu as a tribe Indian children taken from their tribes and parents o Introduced to new religion o Weren’t allowed to practice own religion Wintu ppl’s spring is in jeopardy as a ski resort is being planned to be built Since spring is on public ground, cannot keep people out. Can only say cant go in there
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Unformatted text preview: because will damage plants, rocks. .etc Found reason not to make ski resort like a spider web, unseen until it catches the light NA- reverence for the earthearth no supreme being but a manifestation of supreme being Guest Speaker Genocide, Resurgence and Revitalization in ca native communities Revitalization program- area homeland to patquin people (patquin means people)...
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