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Radiant curve- connecting to a sense of home Marking the space of religion for family and children/grandchildren Navajo boy -The grief and mourning of Navajo boy the family never forget, which was what Navajo boy wondered -what his thoughts must have been - he had a sense of confusion when meeting his immediate family It is feeling wil not be changed overnight Writing- most native writers write in English not native lanuguge Mexico if you don’t write in the language u are not indigenous We find a way to move English work (finding out what paper are about)
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Unformatted text preview: Using language fenced upon, and using it in a way of reviltalizing their culture This place- expression of writing as an indingeous story and what is it she does Returning home- home has always been his home Has to do with taking back himself Returning- the culture is being revilalized/areas and land are being reserved, bring back lands to health American flag- clothes represents different meanings of struggle...
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