NAS10 final review

NAS10 final review - NAS10 final review IDENTIFICATION The...

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NAS10 final review IDENTIFICATION The day of the dead National holiday that remembers the courage of ancestors and how one pays their respects to them Offerings are provided such as food, rum, tobacco in remembrance of ancestors; is a time of celebrating A symbol of letting go; views death not as the end of life but a continuation This relates to Luci’s Elegy for my younger sister as that story shows how family and friends come to her funeral to respect and honor her as she passes on to the next life. o They bring food and feast in her honor as they remember all the things she did for them like cooking Luci- American Flag American flag reveals the fear and turmoil towards Navajos Americans came bearing the flag and forced them out of their lands to Fort Summer Flag represents the grief, hunger, fear, and deaths of NA on their cold death march Navajos don’t honor flag but it reminds them of grandparents o Grandparents remade the jackets and undergarments which represented different remembers of their home and the different meanings of struggles they endured o Each represented a different memory that reminded them of their grandparents courage this relates to Smith’s remembering as remembering relates to remembering a painful past and how people respond to this past. As the Navajos are forced to leave their homeland, they way of weaving the jackets are a response to their pain. the middle five
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NAS10 final review - NAS10 final review IDENTIFICATION The...

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