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trail of tears film review - Janie Park NAS 10 Professor...

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Janie Park NAS 10 Professor Ines Hernandez- Avila, TA: Amy Champ A03 11 Oct 2010 Film Review: Trail of Tears From the PBS series, We Shall Remain , Trail of Tears is among a five part episode series which reveal the resistance and near extinction of the Cherokee community. Produced in 2009, this episode reveals the Cherokee community’s forced removal from their ancestral land and the history of deceit by the United States as treaties between the United States and Native Americans were continuously dishonored. With the growing population of Georgia and the immense western push of settlers between 1790 and 1830, Georgians continued to seize Native Indian lands failing to uphold treaties that protected the Cherokee community. As the Cherokee community made attempts to conform aspects of their own culture reflecting Western culture, this proved unsuccessful as the United States government continued to encourage assimilation then ultimately demanded the Cherokee community to leave their ancestral lands. With the end of the revolution, the United States developed a policy called civilization which aimed to teach Indians how to act and become Anglo Americans. Such missionary foundations ventured into Indian nations and taught western ideals of “how to live the kind of life that Anglo Americans believed was a civilized life ( A Trail of Tears ).” As the United States made promises to the Cherokees and multiple other Indian nations, they promised that with the assimilation to be more like their white neighbors, the Indian Nations would be granted political and social equality. Moreover this exemplifies how Native Indians were encouraged to Janie Park, NAS 10, TA: Amy Champ A03
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trail of tears film review - Janie Park NAS 10 Professor...

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