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1 Confronting the Yanomamo

1 Confronting the Yanomamo - noodles portrayed me...

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Janie Park Soc 01 Sec Weds 6-7 Apr 7 2009 Confronting the Yanomamo The culture shock was probably very extreme and drastic for the Amazonians as it was their first time every witnessing and becoming into contact with an outsider. Not only were they under the influence under a hallucinogenic substance which may have altered their perception on the new outsider, but this new outsider who was to live with them for the next 18 months and would have access into their village and be part of their daily lives. I have experienced a culture shock of my own when some friends and I all went to an Asian restaurant where I had ordered noodles. Coming from a culture where “slurping” one’s noodles in a public environment are considered normal and acceptable, I was quickly given looks of disgust by those around me who were trying to enjoy their meal. In time I learned that my actions when eating
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Unformatted text preview: noodles portrayed me differently when I was with my family or with a group of friends who were non Asian. Although many other customers who were sitting in my proximity probably would have observed me to be of someone with unmannered qualities, I understood that in most Asian cultures slurping noodles is perfectly acceptable while completely different from an outsider’s point of view. I do not feel that the Yanomamo would be better off after their contact with modern civilization as their culture would be forever changed and altered in ways that would irreversible. As modern civilization would heavily influence their culture, this would lead to the loss of their culture and values as the traditional Yanomamo life would severely be altered....
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1 Confronting the Yanomamo - noodles portrayed me...

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