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gender and language

gender and language - Janie Park Soc 1 Gender and Language...

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Janie Park Soc 1 May 19, 2010 Gender and Language One social and cultural reason for gender differences in language is the way that men are perceived as having to be “manly” and tough. Men’s language tends to be manlier in the sense of alpha dog; that they are in control. In our society men are thought to have to be tough and macho; concealing their affections and emotions like jack does in the example dialog. Men tend to not show their feelings as they attempt to appeal invulnerable as women are seen to be. In society it’s almost like a woman has to be the damsel in distress and men have to be their heroes coming to their rescue. With women the persona is very dainty and helpless. Women’s language tends to be more emotional and detailed. Women tend to express their feelings more and ask questions. Men and women can be seen to have different in their language as men are more simple and to the point where as women are more inclined to be detailed and lengthy.
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