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sane in the insane

sane in the insane - one’s sanity The advantage of...

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Janie Park Soc 01 Zahra B06 14 April 2010 “On Being Sane in Insane Places” This article raises the question of whether characteristics that lead to diagnosis are resided in the patients themselves or in the environment and contexts in which observers find them. Rrosenhan’s, research design was carried about as 8 sane individuals gained admission into a psychiatric hospital as they would live among those who were diagnosed as insane. The individuals would be placed in a variety of hospitals located in 5 different states in the East and West coast. Through this study, the researcher was able to conclude that there was an evident overlap in the behaviors of the sane and the insane. Moreover, the sane are not always “sane.” It revealed that it is not abnormal for people to throw tantrums here and there which, in turn, are not directly relevant to
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Unformatted text preview: one’s sanity. The advantage of participant observation is that we are able to observe individuals in their natural environment over an extended period of time. The disadvantage to this method is the researcher must maintain a balance between the twin roles enacted. When it comes to labeling, I remember the gate and AP system throughout elementary to high school. Specifically in Junior High School, those who were labeled “gate students” were given the freedom to go off campus to eat lunch at the many food chains surrounding our school. They would usually return to school with foods that made other students envious. They were seen as the smart privileged students while the students who did not meet the GPA were seen as somewhat inferior....
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