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Breaking Norm essay

Breaking Norm essay - Park 1 Janie Park Soc 1 Razzan Zahra...

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Park1 Janie Park Soc 1 Razzan Zahra Apr 26 2009 Norm Violation Topic: In Sociology Now by Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson, a norm is defined as “the rules a culture develops that define how people should act and the consequences of failure to act in the specified ways” (45). In my research, I was curious to know how people would react if I were to introduce myself to them for the first time and shake with my left hand instead of my right. As it is a violation in itself to talk with strangers with whom I have never met, I decided to take my actions a step further and engage in conversations while avoiding eye contact as well. As it is well known in our society that conversing with eye contact is respectful and showing politeness, I expect the people whom I converse with to respond with awkwardness and believe that I am not attentively engaging in conversation but merely partaking in conversation to pass time. Through his assignment, I attempt is
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Park2 to disrupt the common conduct of interactions with another individual and ask the question of whether eye contact has the influence to hinder mingling and conversation with another individual. Research Method: In conducting my experience, during the hours when I did not have class but was on campus, I or a friend would stop and talk to any individual that approached me at that specific time and location. When and where I was to carry out my research was not limited to a specific time and place as conversing with another individual on campus could be performed during almost any hour of the day. When in conversation with an individual, I would first introduce my name and would ask, “How was your day? To analyze their reaction in more depth, a second pair of eyes
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Breaking Norm essay - Park 1 Janie Park Soc 1 Razzan Zahra...

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