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2 assignment

2 assignment - and student loans and that the middle class...

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Janie Park Short assignment In this article Draut reveals the assumption of how the young generation is seen to waste money on unnecessary items. He argues that the use of credit cards are not abused by just the young generation but all generations young and old 1. By stating how seniors and middle class families are sinking into credit card debt, Draut reveals how it is not just the younger generation over using credit cards. As most people would assume that the new and younger generation to be more reckless, Draut acknowledges that all people are vulnerable to mis-use credit cards. 2. She characterizes them as seniors, young adults, and middle class families. As all three don’t utilize credit cards wisely, she states how young adults use cards to pay for items for houses
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Unformatted text preview: and student loans and that the middle class supports more than a single individual. Moreover she also states how seniors are new to credit cards. 3. As student loan debts are one of the biggest reasons for debt, she believes that there is nothing wrong with being in debt. Furthermore, her source reveals how it is okay for young adults to rely on credit cards to help meet expenses. 4. I feel like everyone is vulnerable to debt. As our society is a consumer society, it is difficult to avoid all debts. Draut has a similar approach as she uses resources to show how debts are mostly unavoidable. She makes an effort to reveal how most people go into debt at one point in their life....
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