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In the article, the use of ethos appeal is used throughout the essay describing how animated figures are used to draw the attention of the public. Using Roger the Rabbit as an example, the article reveals how "The Disney Corporation's acquisition of the stock-in-trade of popular culture icons facilitate a belief commonly held by young children that every popular childhood figure "lives" at Disneyworld. This article was effective as it showed how using this tactic to attract young children, Disneyland utilizes popular icon figures to promote their corporation. Moreover, as children love these icons which are a large part of their childhood, this greatly works in favor of Disneyland as children believe that Disneyland is the home of their favorite Disney character. Furthermore, the use of pathos is also seen in this article as the author reflects on the relationship of family and Disneyland. Going into depth of this topic, the author reveals how the family is Disneyworld’s basic social unit. By giving
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