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final essay different order

final essay different order - Park1 Janie Park UWP 1 Tara...

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Park1 Janie Park UWP 1 Tara Porter 12 December 2010 Final Essay: Removing Grades from the University System Grades represent a significant proponent of the education system as it shows the progress of students and how they are doing in school. Whether one is graded based on numbers or letter grades, grades are a way of revealing to students and parents the level of learning obtained by the student. This long standing tradition is being matched with the idea of providing comments from the instructor instead of letter grades. This alteration of the grading system allows students to concentrate more on the subject matter with hope that this will lessen the stress and anticipation of receiving a lower grade. This being said, comment grading can benefit students as they are given the freedom to learn materials without the constant worry of receiving a poor grade. But with this freedom comes the tendency to work with minimum effort with the hope that one would receive a decent grade. The letter grading system has its benefits as it pushes students to work with maximum effort to receive the highest grade possible. Although the letter grading system has been a long standing tradition throughout the education system, the idea of a single grade which accounts for the achievements of an entire year can be more stressful for students than beneficial. In school, stress is a significant contributor that can disrupts the well being of a student. As a student, the amount of stress experienced in college has potential to heavily affect one’s mental well being as a higher grade requires substantial work and studying. In a chart
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Park2 constructed by the US Department of Education, the highest percentage of suicide rates based on grades earned in schools were D’s and below (Percentage of Suicides Based on Grades Earned in School). As students work diligently to excel in school, this chart shows how there may be a link between less successful students and suicide rates. With such great emphasis placed in letter grades, this chart shows how some students can be overwhelmed with the pressure to receive a good grade which can lead to the outcome of drastic measures such as suicides. Moreover, with
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