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Park1 Janie Park Tara Porter UWP1 31 Oct 2010 Media Entertainment and Body Image Throughout history the definition of beauty has drastically altered over the years. Our society’s obsession with weight loss can be seen through the constant commercial ads that promise weight loss in weeks or guarantee rapid weight loss with the minutest effort. There is no doubt that the media has a significant influence on how one defines beauty. Through media entertainment such as magazines and television, the media attempts to exploit their definition as the only definition of beauty. But while a certain image is presented, in recent years the media has also gradually made attempts to promote more realistic portrayals of the ideal body image. Major companies such as Dove have globalized advertisements to reveal body images more realistic to the average man and woman. Their ads show the world that there is no one definition for figures and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. From the voluptuous figures of the historical Venus Figurines to the gaunt figures of recent models, what is seen as attractive and beautiful has significantly changed over the years. In a society where skinny is closely related to emaciated, the media feeds this information to the public falsely informing individuals that beauty is only defined by mere physical appearances. “Women’s magazines are full of articles urging that if they can just lose those last twenty pounds, they’ll have it all—the perfect marriage, loving children, great sex, and a rewarding
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Park2 career” ( “Beauty and Body Image in the Media” ). Moreover, as images are digitally enhanced to make model’s bodies appear perfect, this creates an unfeasible goal for those who desperately want to look like the model they had seen on the cover of their favorite magazine. With such great emphasis imposed on these artificially created images, individuals of all ages are affected
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Media and Body Image draft 1 - Park1 Janie Park Tara Porter...

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