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Park1 Janie Park Tara Porter UWP 01 Nov 9 2010 The English Language for English Learners The issue of bilingual teachings has raised controversy worldwide. The idea of the Spanish language becoming part of mainstream education has instigated a non-thrilling emotion; moreover, some Americans have gone as far as posting signs in their stores saying “English Only” (ABC). This act of discrimination against Spanish speakers and English learners has caught the attention of many scholars who have decided to go in depth to what the real issue is. In the article, “NCLB and California’s English Language Learners: The Perfect Storm” by Patricia Gandara and Gabriel Baca, Gandara and Baca address the issue of bilingual teaching and learning in schools. They reveal how laws and programs are enacted into place with hope that it would benefit English learners and help them succeed in school. Furthermore, while these programs produce more damage towards English learners’ education, these laws and programs prevent English learners to thrive in the education system. This is an issue that has been disregarded and undermined as actions should be taken towards building a more adequate system to aid English learners. More emphasis should be placed on this issue as every student respectably deserves the equal chance to excel in their education. Many teachers and school staff are not properly equipped with the skills and knowledge to efficiently teach English learners and thus are not able to competently assist them. As Gandara and Baca state, “approximately 41% of teachers in the United States have taught English Learners but
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Park2 only 13% of those teachers have received any special training.” The success of these students depends on the support they receive while learning English. Teachers must be trained to be able to adequately address the complex demands and needs of English Learners. Moreover, with the approval of California’s voters Proposition 227, laws became effective that would affect the growing population of English learners in the education system. This law requires that “nearly all classroom instruction [be] taught in English… for a period not normally intended to exceed one year” (Gandara and Baca). After this year, they are assimilated into classes with other students who have been speaking English their entire lives. With this law effective, English learners are given a single school year in a class aimed to assist them in developing the English language. State restrictive
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paper 2 - Park1 Janie Park Tara Porter UWP 01 Nov 9 2010...

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