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Janie Park PSA Extra Credit This PSA reveals how smoking when pregnant is not only harmful for one’s own health but is also deathly harmful to one’s baby. I feel this image is very effective as the picture of the infant surrounded in smoke directly shows what the baby is inhaling if one was to smoke while pregnant. This public service announcement reveals pathos appeal as the picture of the infant looks very realistic and viewers will feel very sympathetic towards the infant sucking his or her thumb while surround by a cloud of smoke. Positioning the smoke with the baby makes this a strong PSA as it exposes what is not seen inside a mother’s stomach. Furthermore, the baby is a slight pinkish color and the background of the image is black which makes the baby stand out creating a more distinct and memorable image.
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Unformatted text preview: Is this PSA the caption “SMOKING WILL SEROUSLY DAMAGE THE HEALTH OF YOUR UNBORN CHILD FOR THEIR SAKE STOP TODAY!” is straight to the point and exact on the message this announcement wants to make public. The capitalized letters makes the message stand out and really shout the message that smoking is harmful to an unborn child. The “STOP TODAY” is also in red which is a color frequently used in ads to make it more noticeable. These strategies in this PSA are very effective as it makes it seem like it is demanding people to stop smoking. This somewhat aggressive tone reveals how this issue should not be taken lightly as smoking while pregnant puts the life of an unborn child in grave danger.
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