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asa final review - 1900 Organic Act- United states federal...

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1900 Organic Act- United states federal law enacted to provide a gov for the territory of Hawaii. After this act was promulgated American laws against contract labor became applicable to the islands. This was significant to Asian American history because before aspiring immigrants could land in American territory, they had to prove there were not about to become public charges. Ghadar Party- Political party founded by the Indians organized to fight for Indian independence. This party never became a disciplined organization, relying instead on spontaneous uprisings to achieve its goals. Important to AAS because their fate aroused sympathy of Asian Indians all along the Pacific Coast and awakened them to the connection between their powerlessness as a people and their mistreatments as immigrants. Komagata Maru incident- involved a Japanese steamship in 1914 which over 300 passengers from India who unsuccessfully attempted to immigrate to Canada. Significant to AAS because it was one of several incidents in the history of early 20 th century involving exclusion laws in Canada and the US designed to keep out immigrants of Asian origin. Munson Report- Curtis Munson was told to write a report on the loyalties of Japanese Americans in CA and Hawaii. This report came about following the interception of messages from Tokyo to Japanese Americans in Japan requesting details of the US military fleet in Pearl Harbor. As this report concluded that Jap Am were loyal to the US, it was significant to AAS in the since it was never published, it enabled a justifiable reason for internment camps after the bombing at pearl harbor. Executive Order 9066- US presidential executive order issued during WW2 ordering Jap Am to internment camps as their loyalties were being questions as they were seen as spies and untrustworthy. Significant to AAS in that Jap Am suffered violations of their civil liberties as they were being targeted based on their race. No-No boys-
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asa final review - 1900 Organic Act- United states federal...

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