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lecture 2 - th century-3 rd world countries or the...

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The International Context if Asian Emigration -Why do people emigrate? Escape persecution, reuniting with fam, E.G. Ravenstein’s law of migration Dispersion and absorption or push and pull factors Does not account for: why people return, assumes that only the poorest of indy would migrate—not true Immanuel Wallerstein’s “world systems theory” A set of mechanisms redistributes recources from the periphery to the core o Periphery- underdeveloped countries Export raw materials for manu goods The market is the means by which the core exploits the periphery o Core: industrialized nations Control financial decision making for whole system Colonialism the political, social, econ, cultural domination for a terrioty and its ppl by a foreign power for an extended time—ex. Japan, France, Spain, US -Configuration of power today reflective of colonial distribution in the 19
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Unformatted text preview: th century-3 rd world countries or the periphery=formerly colonized nations Power is figured racially not just historically • colonizers: white, colonies: people of color Global Capitalism • the movement of workers, capital, and tech across national boundaries o a version of colonialism • capitalist form of production o good are used for sale to make largest profit • workers needed recruited from abroad • enslaved Africans provided work force in Americas • great britian stopped slave trade in 1807 and abolished slavery in 1833 • Indians and Chinese become two main groups of nonwhite international migrant workers o Explains how Asians ended up in Americas Film: ancestors in the americas Chinese • Earliest group in Americas...
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lecture 2 - th century-3 rd world countries or the...

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