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study guide - SF State strike-longest student strike in US...

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SF State strike - longest student strike in US history 1968-69, first collective asian American campus uprising Third world liberation front - african American, latino, American Indian, and asian American campus groups which demanded for open admissions, school of ethnic studies, and community control of education. Hegemony- Antonio Gramsci “shared belief” used as a formation for complex systems of political, social, and economic domination. Was significant because it imposed “common sense” and played a key aspect in racial rule that heavily affect Asians. Historiography- the study of the history and methodology of the discipline of history World systems theory- Immanuel Wallerstein—a set of mechanisms redistributes resources from the “periphery” to the “core.” “Periphery”- underdeveloped countries and “core”- industrialized nations. Is important because is the means by with the core exploits the periphery through labor and natural resources. Opium Wars- War between China and Britian over commerce mainly focused on the exportation of opium. Was important because opened of China to the control and power of the west. Was concluded with the Treaty of Nanjing Treaty of Nanjinj- treaty that concluded the Opium Wars between China and GB. opened up 5 ports in China for foreign commerce, limited the amount tax, allowed Christian missionaries, and granted GB and allies externalities-made westerners immune to Chinese law. Meiji Restoration of 1868- when Japan’s new leaders favored learning ways of the west. Ended age of the Samurai. Was important because represented the rapid industrialization of Japan through new system of taxation which burdened the farming class. Students studying abroad
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study guide - SF State strike-longest student strike in US...

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