Week 4 - Week 4: anti Asian hostility Defining whiteness...

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Week 4: anti Asian hostility Defining whiteness Common cause among European immigrants- anti Chinese movement Euro unify as white working class Irish in particular perceived themselves as directly threatened by the Chinese o Through Chinese Irish were able to become white o Irish became white by disassociating themselves from non white groups—Chinese and blacks Irish vocal opponents of slavery, vocal in anti-Chinese movements Whiteness defined against non white groups Orientalism- you can’t define what the west is with defining what the east is Chinese Exclusion act of 1882 1877 workingman’s party-Dennis Kearney o Accused Chinese from taking jobs Started local then became national Slogan: “The Chinese must go!” Declared Chinese as aliens ineligible for citizenship Prohibited Chinese from coming to US for ten years Not repealed until 1943- was renewed every ten years—then became indefinite until 1943 Gender based arguments Immigrants women were young, poor-lured into prostitution Chinese women seen as hypersexual, readily available to white men Morally unfit for American Christian society Page law of 1875 passed by congress o Prohibited entry of Chinese, Japanese, and Mongolian contract laborers, women intended for prostitution, felons Chinese men perceived as moral threat, and seen as perverts who preyed on innocent white women Effeminized- laundrying as women’s work
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Laws that outlawed marriage between Chinese men and white women Anti-Japanese hostility Experiences of Chinese became precedent for other asian groups Japanese came in great numbers in 1890s Faced rigid racial stratification in labor market and inherited Chinese discrimination
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Week 4 - Week 4: anti Asian hostility Defining whiteness...

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