Chi10 final terms

Chi10 final terms - 1. Emma Tenayuca- half indian women who...

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1. Emma Tenayuca- half indian women who was involved in the strikes against the Finck Cigar Company when she decided to join the labor movement. In this strike she founded the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union and became a member of the Executive Committee of the Workers’ Alliance. Was most famous for her involvement in the Pecan Sheller strike and was given the name "la pasionara."Had a negative view for her involvement in the communist party. 2. Luisa Moreno- was a victim of abusive by her husband, was part of La Sociedad Gabriela Mistral- which fought for the admission of women into Guatemalan universities. Womens Clothesline Projects still remembers her as a survivor of abuse and one who had the strength to get away. 3. Lucy González Parsons- worked aside her husband Albert Parsons, experienced discrimination for interracical marriage, 4. Hector García- fought in WW2 and won many honorable medals, formed a medical practice where he treated all patients whether or not they could pay, began his activism fighting for mex-am rights who fought in the war, eliminated "no dogs or mex" in texas, started american G.I. forum, 1st case-feliz longoria who died in war and wife was refused to bury him 5. César Chávez- started the biggest grape strike in CA history- delano grape strike which fought for the rights of farm-workers who were treated badly, fasted for 25 days, worked alongside robert kennedy, dolores huerta was his most trusted ally is which they both worked closly together and started the UFW united farm workers. 6. Dolores Huerta was heavily influenced by her mothers community activism, found the community
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Chi10 final terms - 1. Emma Tenayuca- half indian women who...

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