final review

final review - Actions taken by the NFWA in 1966 to raise...

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Actions taken by the NFWA in 1966 to raise awareness about the social injustices that farm workers faced, and to get public support for their struggle o Marched and boycotted, march to Delano to sac This chicana was an anarchist labor activist that was a key leader in the may 1 1886 strike at Haymarket Square in Chicago that sought an eight-hour work day. She was also a founding member of the Industrial Workers of the World o Lucy Gonzalez Parsons This document was formulated and written as a design to implementing chicano studies programs in universities and called for all raza organizations to unite under one banner o Plan de SB This organization convened the first ever chicano youth conference in march 1969 which was attended by many future chicano activists and artists. The conference wrote plan de atzlan o Crusade for Justice- found by Rodolfo Corky Gonzalez This chicano was known as la pasionaria. She was born in San Antonio, Texas and joined the labor movement at age 16. She is most known as a leader in the Pecan Shellers Strike, where more than 6000 protested against injustices and won o Emma Tenayaca This art medium visually communicates the ideas behind a variety of social justice campaigns and can change the aesthetics of a march, rally, or protest o Poster This two organizations merged to formed the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) o Agricultural workers organizing committee (AWOC) and National Farm
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final review - Actions taken by the NFWA in 1966 to raise...

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