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Artist Rupert Garcia

Artist Rupert Garcia - Artist Rupert Garcia Rupert Garcia...

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Artist: Rupert Garcia Rupert Garcia was born in 1941 in French Camp, California. A contemporary artist, Garcia is known for the political power of his works as well as his evocative graphics. Recommended by a close friend, I chose to write a journal on Garcia after searching through numerous paintings that I found through the internet. Through the website specially focusing on Garcia’s works as an artist, I realized his profound skills and noticed similar characteristics throughout the paintings that show the various tactics he uses to create such moving and inspirational pictures. Through the website http://www.renabranstengallery.com/garcia.html , many paintings by Rupert Garcia are provided which was very valuable because it helped me analyze his painting more carefully. Although it would have been more beneficial if I was able to attend an exhibit or museum containing his original works, due to the lack of time and opportunity I was unable to do so. But using this website in place of an exhibit, I noticed the
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