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lecture 6 - Top down processing • Uses expectation and...

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Sensation and perception Sensation- The raw input from the outside world Perception- How we experience the world around us Psychophysics- link between physical stimuli and subjective sensation Just noticeable difference- the smallest difference between two stimuli that we can detect Signal detection theory Intensity of stimulus, signal to noise ratio, sensitivity of individual, psychological state o Experience, expectations, motivation and fatigue Selective attention Video when we didn’t see the moonwalking bear- selects info for more processing, ignores irrelevant info Enhance perception, performance, and mental experience o Cocktail party effect- able to shift attention to hear what we want to hear. Ex hearing name at a party while having another conversation Bottom up “data driven” Recognition depends of info about the stimulus from sensory receptors
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Unformatted text preview: Top down processing • Uses expectation and concept to determine what to expect • “concept driven” Preconceived notion • A and C, 12 and 13 example The Gestalt principle • These principles are based on the idea that people have a natural tendency to force patterns • Perceptual grouping rules o Trying to interpret the whole scene which rules were creating based on this theory Perceptual constantcy Binocular disparity- use because eyes are spread apart from our head and we perceive things differently • 2 retinas – 2 diff views of the world • Brain uses 2 views to judge depth • 3D movies =binocular disparity Perception not same as sensation Perceptual illusions are caused by the application of rules that are normally accurate and adaptive...
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lecture 6 - Top down processing • Uses expectation and...

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