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Final terms - Who Rules America Foundations- tax free...

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Who Rules America Foundations- tax free institutions created to give grants to both indys and nonprofit organizations for activities that range from education, research, arts to support poor Ford Foundation- functions as a policy discussion organization, played a major role in creating and sustaining the mainstream organizations that have been the leaders of the environmental movement for decades, Brookings Institution- the oldest, sometimes said to be a liberal think tank but it has always been in the mainstream or on the right wing, noteworthy recent effort- Hamilton Project American Enterprise Institute- formed as an adjunct to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in the beginning had little money and influence until it began selling the need for a new think tank exaggerating the liberal inclinations of the Brookings Institution Heritage Foundation- most recent and famous of the Washington think tanks, is wrongly thought to reflect current wisdom in the corporate community when its actually the product of a few highly conservative men of inherited wealth, is different from others because it hires young ultraconservatives who are willing to attack all gov programs Richard Mellon Scaife- gave millions to ultraconservative causes, conservative political candidates, Republican Party Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)- largest of the policy organizations, was interested in fostering the larger role the U.S. would play in world affairs as a result of WW1, the 40 person board of directors links this to the corporate community, most important aspect= discussion and study groups
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Final terms - Who Rules America Foundations- tax free...

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