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1084001notesweek1 1 Philosophy 001 (1084): Critical Thinking Dr Mc (a.k.a., Professor Jillian S. McIntosh ) [email protected] Course homepage: Format for this class: Two hours lecture, one hour “tutorial” In tutorial, I will go over assignments and field questions. Attendance is optional (but advised!) No tutorial tonight (because it’s the first week of classes) Information on Tutor/markers and office hours next week, in class and on the Net. Text : One only of Richard Feldman, Reason and Argument , 2 nd ed. Richard Feldman, Reason and Argument, Custom SFU edition. These are essentially the same , so do not buy both! Recorded lectures : Available from the library on the Net Lecture notes : Available from the library website. They are the overheads, scaled down in font. I will submit a day or two after class, so they will be available by the following week. Anything done in felt pen on the overhead will not be included. Warning about notes and recorded lectures… Part Notes: I will try to e-mail you “fill-in-the-blank” notes before each class. -provisos… 1. might not happen 2. their use is your choice Check your sfu e-mail (or have it forwarded to your usual account) I will never send you an attachment in anything other than Word or pdf. Question Box : -for questions, comments, suggestions -anonymously or not
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1084001notesweek1 2 Course Requirements: Assignments : 10% -Six of them, assigned in lecture, due the next week. -marked, but credit/ no credit. -each worth roughly 1.66 marks. -you may discuss the assignments with friends, but do your work independently. -we take academic honesty seriously First Midterm : 20% In lecture, 17 June. Second Midterm : 30% In lecture, 22 July. Final Exam : 40% Friday, 8 August, 19.00-22.00, Room(s) TBA If you think you have a legit conflict, see me as soon as possible! Okay, what’s this course about? -developing your ability to reconstruct and evaluate arguments What is an argument? -a series of propositions one of which is intended to be supported by the others.
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phil001notesweek1.1 - Philosophy 001(1084 Critical Thinking...

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