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1084001notesWeek10 © 1 Dr Mc’s Philosophy 001 (1084) Lecture Notes, Week 10 © Second midterm—next Tuesday, during lecture Format is similar to that of the first midterm Four Sections: 1. T/F 2. Multiple Choice 3. Multiple Choice with a Twist 4. Reconstructing Arguments - assign variables, - supply claims as needed, - leave out unnecessary claims, - supply justifications T/F The following two claims are contradictories. a) Dr Mc believes that money grows on trees. b) Dr Mc believes that money does not grow on trees. An argument cannot be sound unless it has a true conclusion. MC Being a student in Philosophy 001 this term is _________ for being a student this term. A. Necessary but not sufficient B. sufficient but not necessary C. both necessary and sufficient D. neither necessary nor sufficient In a survey argument, the accuracy premise states: A. the results are accurate B. the sample population accurately reflects the target population C. the target property accurately picks out the target population D. the sample population is accurately measured for the measured property
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1084001notesWeek10 © 2 E. the measured property accurately indicates the target property F. more than one of the above G. none of the above Twisted MC Out of two—minus one for each error, down to zero. In every case in which an argument is ill-formed, it’s true that: A. its conclusion is false. B. it is invalid. C. it is not sound. D. if you think the premises are true, then you have reason to think the conclusion is false. E. it is defeated. F. None of the above. Section 4 question: Some people say that watching violent TV programs causes people to behave violently themselves. I don’t think that they are right. My nephew watches lots of violent programs, but he never behaves violently. The opponents of these shows probably just don’t want to admit that they like them themselves. Correlations: Correlation statements are more complex statistical statements. The standard form of a correlation statement is: A is correlated with B in population P. In a correlation, there is one large population that is divided into two sub-populations on the basis of having or lacking a characteristic. Population P is divided into those who are A and those who are ~A. We want to know what percentage of those with A have property B,
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phil001notesWeek10 - Dr Mcs Philosophy 001 (1084) Lecture...

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