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Burnham v. Superior Court

Burnham v. Superior Court - Civil Procedure 10/7 General...

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Civil Procedure 10/7 General Jurisdiction Burnham v. Superior Court, U.S. Supreme Court, 1990 Facts : Dennis Burnham (plaintiff) and his wife Francie were going to get a divorce. They lived in New Jersey, but Ms. Burnham planned to move to California with her children after their separation. She wanted to divorce for “irreconcilable differences.” He agreed but later filed for divorce in New Jersey on grounds of “desertion.” While he was visiting his children in California, Ms. Burnham serviced him with a divorce petition. He then returned to New Jersey. Plaintiff argues : in the absence of continuous and systematic contacts with the forum, a nonresident defendant can be subjected to judgment only as to matters that arise out of or relate to his contacts with the forum. The court says this argument rests on a misunderstanding of prior cases. Procedure : California courts found jurisdiction
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