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Nguyen Nguyen 84983742 Education 124 Professor Conchas Parental Supports are Important to Latinos Students I have the opportunity to experience how an elementary school named Hoover school in Santa Anna, where most of its students are Latinos American, operates and educates its students. The students mostly have Latinos origin, and their parents seem to immigrate to USA long time ago, and they may get the legal status to stay in USA forever. However, there are still a lot of difficulties and hardship that these students have to overcome in order to be successful in the educational field. Through observations, I see that most Latino students live in dangerous area such as Santa Anna, which is considered not a peaceful area in Orange County. The students’ parents do no earn high income since they immigrated to USA and accepted to work hard for low payment in order to just have money to pay for their daily lives. They seem to not really care about their children’s education. However, the atmosphere in Hoover School is very friendly and energetic. I feel that the teachers try their best to help the Latinos students (minority group) and expect them to study as good as other White students (majority group). Through real observations and knowledge obtained from Education 124 which was taught by Professor Conchas, I realize that the Latinos students, which is considered to belong to minority group in USA, still receive helps and high expectations from the teachers; however, they need to obtain more care and connection from their parents in order to be more successful in the education field, and in their lives in the future.
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Hoover Elementary School, located in Santa Ana, California, serves grades K-5 in the Santa Ana Unified School District. Based on its state test results, it has received a Great Schools Rating of 2 out of 10. Santa Anna is a city where Latinos people choose to live. According to the information that I looked up in, Hispanic and Latino Americans compose 79.6% of all residents; while 74.1% are Mexican American. That means Latinos American seem to migrate and live in Santa Ana city. As we all known, Santa Anna is not a safe city, since it is well known for its crime percentage and poverty advantage in this area. People that have their families and houses in Santa Anna city tend to have low-income and dangerous low-payment jobs. Hoover Elementary school locates in the downtown area of Santa Anna, which is a good
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education paper - Nguyen Nguyen 84983742 Education 124...

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