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Final Paper Integrating Field Work Fall ‘00 Genre and Purpose Genre : Academic Essay Purpose : Demonstrate the ability to analyze and assess how schooling functions to promote or combat inequality. Writing Prompt You have had the opportunity to observe the condition of urban education firsthand through volunteer work in Orange County. What will it truly take to leave no child behind? What factors shape inequality in schools and what factors, if any, promote achievement among children in urban settings? Which factor(s) did you find to be most significant during your fieldwork experience in local schools and community centers? Through the lens of your fieldwork experience, explain how schooling and the hierarchy of culture function to promote or combat inequality. For example, did you observe evidence of low or high teacher expectations? Engaged or disengaged Latinos? High parental support or lack of parental support? Make a case for the significance of factors you observed that impact academic success. Most of you will focus on factors covered in the course readings. If you choose to discuss factors your fieldwork exposed, such as bilingual education and the needs of English language learners, which were not explicitly addressed in class, additional sources must be cited to support your case. Write a thorough essay to discuss how theoretical explanations, social context, culture and identity influence school-level processes. For example, how do Ogbu’s cultural-ecological framework, Chavez’s “Latino threat,” or Conchas’ analysis of structured failure help explain Latino disengagement? Rather than providing a superficial survey of social context issues, school level processes and cultural meaning, you are being instructed to present a coherent argument that includes a thorough discussion of factors(s) that you observed to significantly affect educational (in)equality during your local fieldwork experience . Write a 5-7 page essay which:
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Final+Paper+Prompt[1] - Final Paper Integrating Field Work...

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