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lesson 2 - Problems Facing Urban Schools Social Context...

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Problems Facing Urban Schools: Social Context Structuralism: institution has micro and macro that affect, don’t give humanagony Culturalist: argue opposite Depend on who has power Who owns the economic structure, politics, control institution will get the power Informing education inequality: the limits are constraints Crisis: they argue in the book that there is crisis in the urban education A crisis is nature crisis but people don’t see it as the crisis because we do not do anything about it because a crisis means that you have to solve a problems by doing anything immediately. Are we doing anything about it?? If it is a true crisis, we need to do something about it. Why we don’t make??? Lack of money 50% DROP OFF GRADE in California Do we have the political will or not to make the institution. Who we vote for to care for the education. Some conventions so not contribute much to the education. There is no political will to push change in agenda
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