Assignment Classroom Management Paper

Assignment Classroom Management Paper - Assignment...

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Assignment: Classroom Management Paper By: Jackie Obando For: AED/200 Instructor: Patty Smith
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In order to have effective classroom management I plan on using not just one but actually all except for two of the educational philosophies and my main theory will be constructivist. The two that I will not be using are positivism and perennialism. I choose not to use Positivism and Perennialism because I feel as though they are very limiting and strict philosophies and I want to teach my students that there is no limit or restrictions to what they can learn or accomplish. The educational philosophies that I do want to use are: Progressivism, Reconstructionism, Constructivism, Behaviorism, Humanism and Essentialism. I feel that each of these educational philosophies has a degree of importance and that each of them has something to contribute to my classroom. Progressivism is more or less knowledge based on questions and experiments. And that is good because in order to learn you need to be able to ask tons of questions and have someone there to answer those questions and experiments are more advanced forms of question and answer sessions. Reconstructionism is more of a children are our future kind of thinking which is a very essential trait to have has a teacher because it makes a teacher better at their profession. It teaches students to explore their surrounding so that they might see what needs to be changed and improved on or what is perfect just the way it is so that they may be able to develop a better future. Constructivism is a very hands on educational philosophy which
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Assignment Classroom Management Paper - Assignment...

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