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Group Case Study Project To support your growth as part of a community of scholars, this team-based case study application will depend on your ability to collaborate with others. During Week 1, each student was assigned to a three- to six-person project group. (Groups can be accessed in the Groups area of the classroom). Your group will use "In the Real World: Asian Economic Interdependence Leads to Greater Integration,” on p. 415 in your text. The paper is to follow APA (American Psychological Association) style and format. During the initial formation and organization process, each group will review the assignment and develop an organization for success. The following lead roles will be assumed by group members by mutual consent. Group members will define these lead roles as they think necessary for complete understanding by all members of the group. Organizer (or the time-line enforcer: assigns roles and establishes time lines) Researcher (all members should participate)
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