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Well some suggestions that come to mind is when you are writing a academic paper and you are citing another individuals work and the University of Phoenix from what I am aware of uses APA formatting. This APA formatting to my knowledge is not required in a business document or memo. If this formatting was required then that business I’m sure would make each employee aware of the formatting that the employer would like to see. The other one I would suggest is in a business document or memo to be direct to the point and not making an official
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Unformatted text preview: document so many characters or letters just to meet a word count requirement. In the academic scene you would use the required amount of words or characters to get the best possible grade and I feel they have this requirement because they want you use make sure that we are expressing our self to the fullest and not explaining our self in 50-100 words. When you have a larger word count it makes us put as much information possible so we don’t miss anything....
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