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ACC325_EX2_#45 - $2,280 b April 30 Adjusted Cash Balance...

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Angela Sanders.acc325.e2.#45 a.) 1. Deposits in transit : Deposits per books $13,889 Deposits per bank in April $10,784 Less deposits in transit (March) (2100) Deposits mailed and received in April (8,684) Deposits in transit, April 30 $5,205 2. Outstanding checks: Checks written per books $10,080 Checks cleared by bank in April 11,600 Less outstanding checks (March) (3,800) Checks written and cleared in April (7,800) Outstanding checks, April 30
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Unformatted text preview: $2,280 b.) April 30 Adjusted Cash Balance: Balance per bank statement, April 30 $27,995 Add: Deposits in transit 5,205 Deduct: Outstanding checks (2,280) Correct cash balance, April 30 $30,920 Balance per books, April 30 $28,855 Angela Sanders.acc325.e2.#45 Add: Collection of note 3,000 Less: Bank service charge 35 NSF check 900 (935) Corrected cash balance, April 30 $30,920...
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