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MIS300_Midterm_Ch1 - MIS300 Study Guide Chapter One-MIS...

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MIS300 – Study Guide – Chapter One - MIS stands for Management Information Systems: The development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives. - System: A group of components that interact to achieve some purpose - Information system: A group of components that interact to produce information which consists of the five-component framework (the order of the components is in order of ease of change and the amount of organizational disruption): Computer hardware (computer, storage disk, keyboard, monitor) Software (Word, Powerpoint) Data (the words, sentences, and paragraphs in your report) Procedures (the methods you use to start the program, enter your report, print it, and save) People (you) -Three Key Elements: -Components of information systems -Development and use of information systems -Achieving business goals and objectives - Computer-based Information System: An information system that includes a computer.
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- Hardware and people= Actors ; Software and procedure= Sets of Instructions ; Software is instruction for hardware, and procedures are instructions for people. Data is the bridge between the computer side and the human side. -The HUMAN is the most important component of information systems. Your responsibilities include using information systems responsibly and protecting the system and its data. -The quality of your thinking is a large part of the quality of the information system.
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